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When the promos was On Air, every-one was so excited that now there is another romantic serial the attraction of drama is Couple & OST which is Awesome.

Due to slow tempo and because of unnecessary scene this show lost its charm.

After 14 episode, I am not watching this show every week. But last week, when I saw the promo where Aaliyan met his biological mother Shamsa first time again I become curious and start watching this show again. Now, I want to share with you some twist and turns of this serial.

In early episode Aaliyan and his dadoo both have soft feeling for Qudsia.
Then suddenly Dadoo attitude towards Qudsia change, why it`s a big question mark in our mind. Then, I start watching this serial again.
In 5th epi when Aaliyan went to hospital and met Qudsia father. Same day Aaliyan received call from Qudsia regarding about to stay in Hospital one night. At that time Dadoo understand that Qudsia is not an ordinary girl she has some extra ordinary qualities and soon she will get Aaliyan attention she is young and beautiful too. On the next night when Aaliyan bought Qudsia at home she warned Qudsia to keep herself away from Aaliyan, Why she said these word to Qudsia because she don’t want another Shamsa and Aaliyan definitely she knows the truth and if Qudsia will stay in Moustafa house and come close to Aaliyan then definitely history repeat itself again. She love Qudsia(As we saw she still loves her & also worried for her). Her doubt become true when Qudsia was admitted in the hospital Aaliyan and Qudsia came close to each other, then they have conversation about divorce “Tou main aap ko divorce hi nahi deta hoon I’m actual very serious” Dadoo heard all this conversation and suddenly she became so rude with Qudsia mother and said to her “Us kay liye talaq hi behtar takay who apni nayee zindagi shuroo kar sakay”. Dadoo knows that Rana, Sultan and Natasha don`t like Qudsia and they all will ruin their life like Shamsa. In sense Aaliyan is lucky that he has grand-mother like Dadoo.


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Aaliyan & Qudsia both were separated when they are on first stage of their love not like Khirad Asher or like Adeel and Sila. So, both move forward in their new life but still they have feelings for each other. Especially Aaliyan he is worried about Qudsia and it’s clear he loves Qudsia that’s why he kept her earrings and he said to Natasha “ Agar Dadoo mujhey aik bar bhi mana kar deti to tumhari jaga yahan Qudsia hoti”. Now it’s clear Aaliyan want Qudsia to be his wife but he married Natasha because it was his Dadoo wish. Aaliyan always want to know the feelings of Qudsia by showing his feeling and want positive attitude from Qudsia but she always disappoint him and hide herself without informing they changed their house and don’t receive the call in 18th episode.

Now, I ‘m sure that this good news will become the reason of Natasha and Aaliyan sepeation.

It is clear soon Shahwanaz will know that Qudsia is Aaliyan wife then he support Qudsia to go back to Moustafa and ask for her rights That’s why in promos Qudsia is saying “Biwi hoon mai aap ki” Qudsia is totally different from Natasha. So, definitely Aaliyan feelings for Qudsia become change and both will bond in strong relation.

So what do you guys think about twist and turns is I am right.
Do share your views!

Hina Rohan


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