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Kankar Episode 25(Last Epsiode)

kankar Kankar Episode 25(Last Episode)  – by Hum Tv – 6th December 2013

Kankar Episode 25(last) Complete



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  • shafi 2 years ago

    the worst drama of the world. what is this tazlil do we call this tazlil , may be one human being say this and please by making such drama this does not refer all the people or society , in hole life they not this a single problem can come the problem they say is unrecoverable this is advancing world , do common sense agree with this be realastic , we know that some thing in this world action accur now but it ‘s full good and bad aspects comes later do we know that these kind of thing what aspect will it leave never love some be alert it is very dangerous any world you or not can be not recoverable she faced more tazlil with her new husband then sikandar but their is not the problem she hear good words of him but of sikandar not this let the man to not make their self to say that women is their zeal just learn to leave them easly becouse these problem can accur and now may be some may think that this man is not understanding that correct aspect i understand what dey want to show us what they want but i am saying the thing they don’t see and we should think of that in love the frist thing we some one can do is to forgive sorry is not working love is not working just what they think is correct a new meaning to every thing and very incorrect hurt alot people feeling here by just taking your breath their can be very fatal problem one thing the saying in drama is not making sense not gaving heart the realaty this deep thing not the thing they show beauty is some thing eyes can feel it cool and good and heart can feel it good not that eyes see it bad and heart is feel it bad and say that is good