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MasterChef Pakistan is an upcoming Pakistani competitive cooking game show based on the original British MasterChef. It is produced by Shine 360 and will screen on Urdu 1.

Urdu1 is known for some outstanding foreign drama serials, typically Turkish and Indian in origin. This channel paved its way in the heart of all of its viewers as soon as ISHQ E MAMNOO started.This serial was no doubt a block buster and raised TRP of this channel. With this serial,Urdu1 is also remarkable for showing ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOUN (Indian Serial),when Starplus and Sony got banned in Pakistan.

After that, a wide range of Turkish, Indian and Pakistani serials started at this channel.And now Urdu1 is coming with another huge project. Yes, Urdu1 is once again ready to raise its TRP by starting up a cooking reality show MASTER CHEF PAKISTAN.

Those who are a big fan of such cooking reality shows know that various seasons of MasterChef have been shown on some international channels.It was actually started in U.K in July 1990.After one season,it was just like instinct volcano but in 2005,this show came back with the bang.Till now, various countries have came under Masterchef umbrella including  Australia, Bangladesh, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, India and America etc.

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People living in Pakistan only came across Master Chef Australia,India and America.I,myself,am a great fan of Masterchef. Junior Master chef India’s first season is on air now a days and I cannot afford to miss a single episode of it.After watching MasterChef Pakistan Logo on Urdu1 ,I got really excited and my anticipation went to its peak.

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All MasterChef and cooking lovers, tie up your harnesses for the most thrilling and most entertaining journey of taste,inventions and innovations this year.Daikhna Ye hai whether we Pakistani will be able to meet up  all the requirements that makes Master Chef  the best cooking reality show or not.!

“Bringing a show like MasterChef to Pakistan requires a very heavy investment but we felt that the market is ripe for such a show”

Urdu1 is all set to bring MasterChef to Pakistan in 2014. Aurora caught up with Faraz Ansari, Founder and CEO, Urdu1 to find out more about the Pakistani version of the UK-based show. 

3c3bfda087a481aaed42e508e5b03312 Master Chef Pakistan on Urdu 11. Why have you decided to bring MasterChef to Pakistan?

MasterChef is the number one food show and among the top three reality shows in the world. Four or five years ago many media owners in Pakistan made a sweeping statement that reality shows don’t work here and up until now all of the reality shows (with the exception of ARY’sMillionaire) have been copied off other shows; without international guidelines these shows were not able to meet the quality parameters of the international shows.

One of the reasons for bringing MasterChef to Pakistan is because food is one of the main sources of entertainment (besides television) here. It is also one of the biggest industries in Pakistan that has developed considerably over the years; now you also see a lot of food brands sponsoring food shows, which is another area that has developed in recent years.


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Bringing a show like MasterChef to Pakistan requires a very heavy investment but we felt that the market is ripe for such a show.

2. Who is the franchiser of the show and what is the nature of your agreement with them?

Shine Productions is the format owner and we are working with them to ensure that we meet the quality standards of the international show. We aim to do whatever it takes to create a show that, if not better, is at par with the international shows. This was also a commitment that Urdu1 made to the Pakistani audience when we launched the channel, which was to invest in Pakistan and improve production qualities and we aim to do this with this show as well.

3. Will MasterChef Pakistan follow the format of the international show and will it have any local elements?

MasterChef has many formats such as The Professionals, Celebrity Master Chef andJunior Master Chef but initially it will be launched in Pakistan just as Master Chef for amateur cooks. We will later look into creating other versions of the show as well.

We cannot talk about the specifics of the show at this point, however, like you may have seen with the international shows, every new season and show has some new elements and the same will be the case in Pakistan. The primary local element in the show will be the food that is prepared which will be local Pakistani dishes, however with an uber cool touch to it.

4. Who are the judges for the show? Will there be any guest appearances from local or international judges on the show?

We cannot name the judges at this point, but we will have local judges. All I can say is that there will be some international faces making an appearance as well.

5. Where are you recruiting participants from and what is the process?

We aim to go to five or six cities which will include the three metros Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad/Rawalpindi. We are still in the process of determining which other cities will be included. We will be announcing our recruitment process very shortly.

6. When will the show be aired?

The show will be aired in 2014; specific dates and timing will be announced later.

7. What will the winner get?

Just like the international show, the winner will be awarded the Master Chef title and get to launch their own cookbook; there may also be a monetary element to the prize.

8. Does the show have any sponsors yet?

We are in talks with a lot of sponsors but have not finalised one yet; we feel it may come down to holding a bidding process to determine the final sponsor. We will pick the title sponsor as the one we see as the best fit for the show.


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