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Dil-e-Muzter – Episode 1

DEM PROMO21 Review: Dil e Muztar – Episode 1Dil-e-Muzter marks the debut of Shehzad Kashmiri as a director and I have very high expectations from him. Sanam Jang also makes her acting debut from this serial and after watching this first episode I have to say that acting comes naturally to this beautiful girl and I love her smile. Dil-e-Muzter has been written by Aliya Bukhari and produced by Momina Duraid. It was extremely nice to watch Imran Abbass on-screen after a long time. The most satisfying part for me has to be that all of the actors are very well-suited for their roles. Many of the first episodes fail to leave an impact with the audience because it takes us sometime to get comfortable with the characters. Imran Abbass was perfect as Adeel; the boy who used to be very happy with life but after his father’s death he felt he was forced to live a life which is controlled by others. I completely understood this young man’s dilemma, he hardly smiled but he was not really an angry young man also. He came across as someone who was very sensitive and gentle but was stuck in a bad situation. Adeel’s mother Zehra (Ismat Zaidi) has worked very hard to “payback” the relatives who helped them financially after her husband’s death. The mother/son bond instantly clicked with me because both the actors shared an amazing chemistry and nothing seemed forced. All the scenes were short and sweet and I loved the pace with which the narrative flowed. Saba Hameed yet again plays the mother (this time step-mother) who wants to be in charge of her husband’s only daughter Sila (Sanam Jang) and is more worried about her husband’s (Syed Mohsin Gillani) financial assets than anything else. Therefore she decides to marry Sila off with her sister’s (Shamim Hilali) son Muneeb without even asking Sila once. Zaman (Sila’s father) goes along with everything that his wife says without questioning her even once, so he would be one of the many spineless husbands we see on-screen nowadays!

All through the episode I felt like the characters did not lie on extremes, I never figured out Safina was Sila’s step-mother until she mentioned it herself. The mother/daughter relationship seemed very normal despite of the differences of opinion.


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Sila is in love with Adeel and I was wishing all the time that Adeel would have some feelings for Sila as well because both of them looked so525125 479546065439001 1145048086 n 300x242 Review: Dil e Muztar – Episode 1 cute together. They make a very cute couple and the fact that both of them are such good actors really helped. I was not expecting Sanam Jhang to be this good and was pleasantly surprised when she gave me absolutely nothing to complaint about. In the entire episode Sila came across as a very sensible girl but in the end when she declared in front of everyone that she wanted to marry Adeel, it really took me by surprise. The last scene was the only one which I thought was a bit exaggerated because of the way Safina reacted to Sila’s disapproval of Muneeb’s proposal and the way Sila reacted.

Overall, I really enjoyed this first episode primarily because of the perfect casting, the great chemistry between all the actors, wonderful direction, superb editing and characters you want to find out more about; the sort you find interesting almost instantly. Definitely a very engaging and entertaining first episode which kept me glued to the TV screen right from the get go. I must add that I am looking forward to seeing more of Sanam Jang, I am seriously impressed by her acting. This was a great first episode and a must-watch for all of you out there who may have missed it.

Fatima Awan.


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