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I can completely understand the feeling of Sherry ..that internal burning..that itching…that is making him feel so alone and 2 300x166 Review: Kahi AnKahi Episode 17 empty without Zoya.

Ansar and his father got finally succeeded in what they planned for and Anum was a happy girl too.But Zoya and Sherry..they were like completely shattered and feeling as if they are no more breathing.Zoya left Sherry’s house along with her father and went to her village and Sherry has locked himself up in the room completely.

I really like the way Sherry gives respect to his mother.He wanted to go out for drive so he asked his mother first that she wont get worried about him and then left.And guess what where he went ? Woh baad mai pata chalay ga..Firstly,his series of thoughts ,one after another were haunting him so badly.He was finding Anum’s statement and Zoya’s nature completely contradictory.At that point,I thought that maybe he is realizing that Anum was completely wrong about Zoya but he did not..lakin that sweet feeling for Zoya was still there in his heart.

He went to that NGO where Rajjo was admitted by Zoya.He got much surprised to know that Zoya visited Rajjo every single day and spend all her income on these poor children.The scenario became more sentimental when rajjo gave him a card to give to Zoya as she wasnot coming for last two days..Sherry’s continuous stare at that card saying “ I miss you” was telling us that how much he is missing Zoya.

After creating mess in Sherry’s life,Anum herself is not at all happy and satisfied ,she is acting like a psychotic patient opr much like a kid who keep on insisting her parents to get a toy..Anum’s toy was Sherry..


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61654 509201445770681 541411471 n 300x225 Review: Kahi AnKahi Episode 17 Sherry and his father’s argument was an interesting part of today’s episode as for the first time ,Sherry spoke for himself.He told his father that he is no more slave of his commands and will live his life as he wants ,not on the way which his father is telling him to adopt.Personally,I would like to appreciate the acting skills of Sherry at that point,he made us clear that he is a mature actor and is here in tv industry for long time..

Sherry’s mother is also at Sherry’s side.Ansar’s abnormal attitude is getting more abnormal with every passing day.He made it clear in front of her secretary that he wont marry her.As a result,she declared that she will ruin his married life.On the other side,Maryam found a tissue paper with lipstick on it ,from Ansar’s coat..but she stayed quite..kitna tolerance hai Maryam mai..I mean,if I would be at her place I would have slapped Ansar and left him right away.But she did not did anything.Instead,she tried to made Ansar more inclined towards her but failed.

Next episode is telling us that Maryam will soon come to know about Ansar’s extra marital affair..


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