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Zindagi Gulzar Hai (Urdu: زندگی گلزار ہے‎) is a 2012 Pakistani romantic and social drama serial directed by Sultana Siddiqui and aired on Hum TV. It was supposed to be released on November 16, 2012 but because of the Pemra strike, it got delayed two weeks further and aired on November 30, 2012. Now the show is airing every Friday at 8:00 PM. It is based on a novel “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” by Umaira Ahmed. The title song is sung by Ali Zafar and Hadiqa Kiani.


The show revolves around the story of Kashaf Murtaza (Sanam Saeed) who lives with her mother Rafia Murtaza (Samina Peerzada) who is separated from her husband Murtaza (Waseem Abbas) because she couldn’t give birth to a boy. Which results in Murtaza marrying another woman who fulfills his wish of having a boy (many years before). Rafia carries out her and her three daughters’ life on her own by being a principal at a government school. Kashaf, (her elder daughter) gets admission in a well known University with a scholarship, where she meets a boy Zaroon Junaid (Fawad Afzal Khan). The two have many arguments,Zaroon is basically jealous of Kashaf as he has always been topping his class before and now Kashaf repeatedly gets first position.Zaroon comes from a rich family back ground living with his lax and patient father, an independent, attitude-filled mother (who doesn’t give much time to her family due to her work), Zaroon also has a sister named Sara Junaid (Ayesha Omar)who is just like her mother and is initially engaged but later gets married to Farhan but their marriage is falling apart because Sara is not willing to compromiseand because farhan wants a less modern wife. Zaroon’s friend Asmara (Mehreen Raheel) and Usama (Shehryar Munawar Siddiqui) study with Zaroon,who is unaware of the fact that Asmara is in love with him. Zaroon’s family also likes Asmara which leads to him being pressurised into an engagement with Asmara. When he sets some rules on her, she argues with him, and this later leads to fights. And in the meanwhile the episodes have been hinting that Usama likes Kashaf. With no signs of her liking him back, but with some respectful behavior towards him. Kashaf also has a friend in University named Maria who is the exact opposite of Kashaf. So far the major events include an emotional verbal fight and slightly physical fight between the two concerning some things that Zaroon was saying about his relationship with Kashaf during his attempt to get her to like him. This attempt concludes with the fight and the conclusion that Kashaf is no ordinary girl. Also so far Kashaf sister Sidra has gotten married to one a close family friends’ son (who is a doctor going to U.S.A.).


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Zindagi Gulzar Hai title song is sung by Ali Zafar and Hadiqa Kiani, composed by Shani Haider and lyrics by Naseer Turabi.


Fawad Afzal Khan as Zaroon
Sanam Saeed as Kashaf
Mehreen Raheel as Aasmara
Shehryar Munawar Siddiqui as Osama
Ayesha Omar as Sara
Javed Sheikh as Junaid
Behroze Sabzwari as Abrar
Samina Peerzada as Rafia
Waseem Abbas as Murtaza
Hina Khawaja Bayat as Ghazala
Shazia Afgan as Nigar
Maheen Rizvi as Maria
Mansha Pasha as Sidra
Sana Sarfaraz as Shehneela

Written by Umaira Ahmed
Directed by Sultana Siddiqui


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